Roatan Honduras Cruise Port

Roatan Cruise Port

Roatan cruise port is located in Honduras, however, it is a separate island and doesn't see the same violent crime that could be seen on mainland Honduras. You will likely visit it on the Western Caribbean cruise.

Roatan Honduras is known for great scuba diving and eco-tourism, however, it does have many beautiful beaches. There is a lot to see and do if your cruise ship stops in Roatan.

Where will my cruise ship dock?

Cruise ships from Royal Caribbean cruise line, MSC cruise line, Oceania cruise line and few others usually arrive at Coxen Hole, except for Carnival Cruise ships and sister companies that arrive in Mahogany Bay. Depending on which cruise ship you arrive you will either be docked in port or get to the port via tender boat. Coxen Hole has a lot of shopping opportunities in port along with tour operators offering their services. Additional taxis are available outside of the port area (and tend to be a bit cheaper).

Important information

The official language of Roatan island is Spanish, however, most people in Roatan Creole English. Most of the people you will encounter in tourist areas will speak English. US dollars are widely accepted. There is no consolidated emergency number in Roatan. The phone number for the National police is +504.9440.0320 and the number for Roatan medical health region is + 504.8820.2444. The weather is warm year-round, however, you are more likely to experience rain in January. However, rain doesn't usually last all day, but you need to be prepared just in case it rains.

What to do in Roatan cruise port

Roatan port has a number of shore excursions that you can take. Obviously, like in many Caribbean islands, you can spend a day at the beach. Aside from multiple beaches, there are scuba diving opportunities and snorkeling. My favorite Roatan excursion is visiting sloths and monkeys. You can also take an island tour with many small tour companies. If you are traveling on a Carnival cruise line, Princess Cruises, or Holland America ship, you will arrive at their private area called Mahogany Bay port which offers a Mahogany bay beach (free) and multiple activities and entertainment. Carnival cruise ship passengers don't even have to leave the area, however, you may still want to go on a shore excursion to explorer the Roatan island.

Getting around

Roatan honduras is a small island. For cruise ship passengers the easiest way to get around is either by a taxi (which is easily accessed outside of the cruise port) or by choosing a tour company. Based on the prices of taxi companies, we found it a lot more convenient (and possibly cheaper) to hire a tour company. We had great luck with Bodden Tours. We have chosen a “Best of Roatan Tour” where you have a vehicle and a driver for the whole day in port. With that your driver will take you anywhere you want to go. On both trips to Roatan, we visited Victor Bodden's Money business (for monkey and sloth encounter) which is only an additional $5/person. The pricing for it is around $25/per person with 4 or more guests. After visiting or touring an island the driver can take you to the beach and back to the ship at the end of the day. Another option is to rent a car in port which would give you a bit more freedom to move around. One thing to keep in mind when renting a car in a different country, you want to make sure you are aware of their traffic laws and if anything were to happen this may delay your departure from the island. If you do decide to drive, make sure you are covered with your insurance.

Roatan beaches (including free options)

If you are looking for a beach break, Roatan cruise port offers a few cheap and free options. West Bay beach is beautiful also offers a variety of activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. You will usually find easy transportation in the cruise ship port. This beach does tend to get busy when many ships are in town.

Another great and more secluded option is Camp Bay beach. Camp Bay beach is located on the east end of Roatan island. It's very secluded and far away from the port or a resort. Since not many people know about it, you will be far away from the crowds.

Another beach option is Tabyana Beach. It is located on the West Bay of Roatan. You can book with them directly or book a shore excursion to the beach directly on the ship.

Finally, Little French Key is a beach club that offers a beach loungers, restroom,s and shower access. The cost is around $59 and does not include food/drinks or water activities.


If you looking for shopping, West End Village might be a great sport to start. This area offers many shops, restaurants, and bars. It is located about 20-minute drive from Roatan cruise port or 35 minutes from Mahogany Bay port (Carnival cruise center)

Other things to do in port

You can visit Gumbalimba Park that offers multiple trails and encounters with wildlife. The entrance cost to the park is $30/person. Since this shore excursion is offered on a cruise ship, you might have many other cruise passengers with you in that park.

Victor's Monkey and Sloth Sanctuary ($5/person if you are using Bodden Tours) probably the most memorable place in Roatan at least for me. I know if you are traveling with kids a visit with monkeys and sloths will be the highlight of your cruise. Keep in mind if you want to interact with Sloths, you would have to visit this place in the morning.

Canopy zipline ($45/person with Bodden tours)

Iguana Farm ($15/person) – if you love Iguanas, this might be an amazing opportunity for you to experience them up close. This place is located in the French harbor.

Scuba diving and snorkelingRoatan coral reef is a part of Mesoamerican barrier reef and if you enjoy scuba diving or want to snorkel, you can experience marine life during your cruise vacation. Even if you didn't bring your scuba gear on the ship, you can stop by a dive shop to get your equipment rented.

Visit Sandy Bay Roatan – this area has multiple resorts and restaurants. You can also partake in a horseback ride through the Sandy Bay beach area. Remember that you may want to wear long pants if you plan on doing horseback riding.

Looking for something more unique? Visit Anthony's Key Resort for things like Dolphin Encounter($45/person), horseback riding ($15/per person), or even golfing (9 Holes package $75 and 18 holes $145).

To sum up

Roatan is a beautiful island that offers many things to do. To make your trip easier you may want to book with a tour company and decide ahead of what thing you would like to do on your shore excursion. I don't recommend booking any trips through your cruise company as you will have a lot more money booking directly with vendors.

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