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First Time Cruising Guide

Learn everything your need to know to go on your first cruise.

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Not sure what to do in a port of call? We got you covered.

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Have kids? We have tips to help you figure out how to make your family vacation amazing.

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Budgeting for a cruise

Are you looking for a way to budget for your cruise vacation?  Today we will talk about the total cost of a cruise. Calculate how much you will need to save and figure out ways to save. Budgeting for a cruise First, we need to take into account the cost of…
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Traditional or my time dining

One of the questions when booking a cruise will be your dining preference. Usually, you would have two options (at least on Royal Carribian and Carnival). You can pick between Traditional dining and My Time Dining (on Royal Caribbean) or Anytime dining (on Carnival Cruise line). If you decide…
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Is balcony cabin worth it

There are times when upgrading to a balcony cabin is worth the investment.  If you are trying to save money, cruising in the inside cabin is the right choice as you will have access to all the amenities that fellow cruisers have without the additional cost. If you do have extra…
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Picking your first cruise

Many people that want to start cruising are often overwhelmed with the choices of lines and itineraries. This article is dedicated to those who are traveling from the United States, however much of the information can be used worldwide. When choosing your first cruise, there few things you should…
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Seasickness on the cruise

Will I get seasick on my cruise?

You probably won't have any issues during your cruise; in fact, most people don't. Modern cruise ships are massive vessels that are not easily rocked by small waves. Additionally, all cruise ships do their best to avoid severe weather since the cruise's primary goal is to bring an enjoyable vacation and…
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What to pack for a cruise

Packing for a cruise? I think this is one of the least favorite tasks in preparation for cruising. Missing important things can really stress you out on your vacation. We have prepared a complete packing list that you can download. In fact, we have a few lists that will…
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